Who made this?

I’m Carly, I’m a programmer from the Hunter Valley in NSW Australia. I whipped this up on a Sunday afternoon while practicing responsible social distancing at home. I already have a day job, so I’m hoping to support this in my spare time as my way to help local businesses survive the current downturn.

Why was this site made?

Australians are passionate about supporting local businesses, especially when they’re in trouble – and right now they’re in trouble. Rather than continuing to go out to cafes and restaurants (creating risk for workers, patrons, and their families), I wanted to help Aussies continue to live their excellent values safely during isolation by ordering no-contact pickup or delivery.

I’d seen scattered posts on Facebook from small businesses, now offering deliveries, but nowhere gathering them all.

I’m firmly in #TeamStayAtHome, and I believe drastic social isolation is our best chance.

Does anyone earn money off this site?

Not a cent. In fact, it cost me money to set up and host. I’m not affiliated with any of these businesses, I have no financial or personal interest in any business, and I’ll never run ads on this site. I’m not trying to drum up business or publicity for myself – only for small businesses that need us right now.

Where does the data come from?

Mostly I added what friends and I have seen on Facebook, and there’s now an Add Listing page so others can add listings too.

What happens to the data?

While the site is up and running, nothing. All data stays in the site. When the worst of this passes, I imagine this site will no longer be needed and better long-term solutions will pop up. I will then delete the site and all its data forever.

Can I add listings?

Please do! The whole point is for people to add listings from their business and their community. Click here to add a listing. I’m moderating every new listing in my spare time, so please be patient and understanding.

My business is on here, I would like to remove or update it.

No problem! For now, please use the Contact Form below to tell me which profile is yours (business name and city is great), and what you need updated. I’ll update it for you. If there’s enough demand for it, I can add “Claim My Listing” support so you can edit your own listings, even if you didn’t create them.

Is this just for Australians?

It was intended to be, but the site is extensible so I suppose it can support data for a business anywhere.

How can I get in touch with you?

If you need to get in touch, here’s a contact form. Please remember that I already have a full time remote job, so I might not have time to promptly deal with a flood of messages. If there’s enough interest I’ll try to invest time in building new functionality for people to claim or maintain their own listings.